Hire Pakistan’s Top Tech Talent Like a LOCAL

Tired of sifting through endless resumes and dealing with legal gobbledygook? Koi takes away your hiring, payroll, and compliance pains and be your Employer-Of-Record (EOR) in a country where you don’t know anyone. We find, train, vet, and hire the top tech talent for your growing remote team. Trust us, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without us.

How to Start Hiring?

Step 1

Sign up and Verify your identity

Step 2

Interview and Shortlist

Step 3

Give us a signal to hire

Step 4

Sit back and wait while we do the rest

What we bring to the table?

Trained and Vetted Talent
Local Knowledge
Employer on Record (EOR)
Compliant Hiring
Localized Benefits
Payroll Management

From a Virtual Assistant to a Product Manager, we have access to the Top Talent from Pakistan

Testimonials from Businesses


Sajjad Parmar

Founder and CEO

The Talent Accelerator

I used Koi.work for my startup. I needed a digital marketing lead and koi’s team was able to link me up with a fantastic local resource who has been amazing from day 1. I am very impressed with how this resource was upskilled, trained, and linked up to meet my business needs. I found the process very simple yet organized and efficient which saved me time and so far the experience has been fantastic.

End of Shaddy Practices, Hello Transparency

We take only 25% as service fee and offer unmatched benefits to the talent and clients. You know your money is being spent on keeping the talent engaged.


Unfair pricing structure. Result? The talent is being paid peanuts while the client is paying exuberant price for services.

Currency Conversion. Result? The income is never adjusted to inflation

No background check. Result? Confidential information at risk

Zero focus on culture. Result? Unhappy employee producing junk results

No perks and benefits. Result? Unable to retain employee


Flat 25% commission. The client and talent know who is being paid how much.

Talent receives USD equivalent income every month.

5-step background check. Compliance with local laws at every step of the hiring.

Constant feedback loop between client and the talent to keep the quality in check.

Excellent perks and benefits to keep the talent engaged for the maximum period of time.

The Future is Distributed, and So Should Be HIRING